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Birthplace of miniature dachshund DA puppies

About Us

Great Breeding

Dachshund DA Honey and her puppies

At Dachshund Australia, Dave and Fi (Lady Fi) are specialist pet miniature dachshund breeders. This means our breeding program is driven by health and temperament as well as good-looks.

A scientific fact in producing sound animals (including humans!) is you need a wide gene pool.  This has seen us importing several young dogs from the USA over the past decade, which has expanded the dachshund gene pool and at the same time brought new colour, coat and patterns to the Australian public. 

Another scientific fact is that animals who are not inbred are healthier than those that are inbred. So just has humans don't marry their relatives, none of our puppies' parents are related.  And by never breeding relatives to relatives we preserve our diverse DA gene pool which underpins our breeding program.

Dachshund Australia puppies come with the DA prefix and pet pedigree papers, revealing their family tree. 

Great Welfare


Dave and Lady Fi run Dachshund Australia full time and live on-site. 365 days a year they are supported by two dedicated staff members, Jen and Deb, who are both in their fifth year of working with the business.

There are  20 breeding mums, being small enough for four people to give individual love and attention yet large enough to develop a first class breeding program. Our puppies are sought by families in many countries throughout the world.

Transparency is a hallmark of DA. You can see for yourself what goes on here through our You Tube, Instagram and Twitter which chronicle the past 10 years or so.

Our breeding facility is purpose-built, with large runs and sleeping quarters shared by two dogs only. There is a 4 acre paddock with dam for them to run, swim and explore which they enjoy every few days.

Great Passion


In 1983 Dave and Fi's first dachshund found them. Her name was Gina (Gene Jelly Bean), a standard smooth hair black & tan girl. She had been relinquished to the pet shop Fi was working at in Richmond. The bond was immediate and undeniable!

 They have had a dachshund by their sides ever since. That's over a third of a century!

Dave and Fi went on to get their uni degrees in the animal sciences.

In 2005 Lady Fi and Dave set out on a mission...

to breed the most superb pet miniature dachshunds puppies possible for Australian families in the full array of patterns, colours and coat types.

It's taken David and her around the world to meet with breeders and bring in patterns, colours and coat types of this glorious breed that were never before seen in Australia.

All Dachshund Australia puppies carry the DA prefix and come to you with their pet pedigree papers revealing their family tree. 

Behind the DA prefix is a breeding program, spanning some 14 years, dedicated to producing healthy dachshunds with great  temperaments to become family members.

Puppies carrying the DA prefix have been bred in a high welfare setting, where the happiness and health of them and their parents is paramount.