Victorian Government Registered Breeders, DAB 201535 WSC, PER BR100309

Birthplace of your miniature dachshund DA puppy

It's one big DA family!

Mums and children meet


Retired mum DA Caboose (far right) has regular catchup up days with two of her children.

(They all look the same age!)

Siblings meet


And Here’s birthday boy DA Bailey with his two birthday siblings 🎉 DA Bella and DA Hugo. What a beautiful sight; three big pups reunited for celebrations.

Overseas DA families share


Many DA pups have gone to their owners overseas.

Here's DA Elvis with his mum at their favourite French bakery in Hong Kong

Join the DA Family!

When you become a DA owner you become part of a community that goes back to our first puppies bred 15 years ago. 

For many years DA owners have got together to enjoy social times; and what can be better than a social where you can be entertained by watching the antics of your mini dachsies at play? All from the same DA stable!

Our Instagram feed is a good place to link up. We also find people just run into each other by accident (well, their dogs tend to spot each other too). So next time you meet another dachshund owner, maybe check if you are both DA. Exciting if you are ... because ... you might be related!! And you'll be able to find out thanks to your DA pedigree papers. 

Dachshund owners, in our experience of very many years, are fabulous humans. It's something about loving the dachshund breed.