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Birthplace of your miniature dachshund DA puppy

Fire sees Dachshund Australia evacuate to safe ground

These little guys are placed, but very cute! DA Gidget and AKC Donald's babies.

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DA Buttercup and DA Chief captured in slow mo while on a walk with their folks

Lady Fi greets the mums with babies at Dachshund Australia at breakfast time

Owners come to Dachshund Australia to meet their new puppy and his parents, DA Royce and DA Peggy

Dachshund Australia's DA Goldie with her four puppies, nearly three four weeks old

A new visitor arrives at Dachshund Australia and DA Toby tries to make friends

Soft wire hair miniature dachshund, DA Daisy, has found the perfect hiding space. See her here in her family's home in Tassie playing with her BFF Frenchie.

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