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Birthplace of miniature dachshund DA puppies

Purchasing a DA puppy

Get to know us - your breeder

Welcome - we look forward to bringing you a Dachshund Australia puppy 

But get to know us first, the breeders of your puppy-to-be. This website is a good way, plus our Instagram has two thousand posts and is the place where more than 27,000 followers are kept up to date with happenings.  Here you can read the comments of our wider DA community.

Also you can visit our You Tube where there are hundreds of videos.

Lady Fi

Online reservation

Puppies can only be reserved on our online reservation system, which we introduced a few years ago. 

This system allows more timely matching of pups to owners, plus offers greater choice with owners able to see the pup profiles as we showcase the full variety of miniature dachshund puppies  – from coat types of wire, smooth, long, and soft wire, to the patterns of piebald, dapple, brindle and solid, through to the grand myriad of colours. That’s many many combos!

While there might only be a few pups at any given time, it’s fair to say that over the course of 12 months we will have presented to the community all coat types, all colours and all patterns. 

In reserving a puppy you are agreeing to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.

What you get & how much

All our puppies are AUD$3960 (being $3600 + $360 gst in Australia) unless otherwise stated. This includes:

  • vet health check
  • microchip, registration & transfer paperwork
  • DA pet pedigree papers
  • internal parasite treatments (x3)
  • external parasite treatments (x2)
  • C5 eight week vaccination 
  • puppy’s familiar scent blanket
  • wheat bag to keep puppy warm
  • basic toilet training 
  • pet insurance 6 week policy for health/accident/lost
  • 24 hr text/phone support 
  • lifetime care of puppy’s parents, 
  • enrichment program (eg 4 acre recreation paddock with dam)
  • purpose built breeding facility 
  • qualified staff
  • 24/7 observation 
  • early retirement for mums 
  • a puppy

Payment options & transport

Clear payment for is required before handover.

All payments are declared and attract GST for  buyers in Australia. We supply a full tax invoice receipt at handover.

Due to the amount of money involved, bank transfer is preferred.

Free collection of puppy from DA (Stratford Vic) or optional transport of puppy to Endeavour Hills in Melbourne (at $66/owner) or interstate transport to any airport in Australia (at $440/owner, incl gst and a new carry crate).

Terms and Conditions

Dachshund Australia P/L is registered under Victorian Government law as a Domestic Animal Business and also a Commercial Breeder (by special ministerial approval).

Accordingly Dachshund Australia abides  the sales guarantee prescribed by the Victorian Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments. 

In reserving a puppy online you are agreeing to have read and accepted the