Victorian Government Registered Breeders, DAB 201535 WSC, PER BR100309

Birthplace of your miniature dachshund DA puppy

  1. Your puppy comes vet health checked, plus a complimentary health insurance policy for a six-week period. The insurance company will invite owners to continue the policy at the six-week mark and Dachshund Australia recommends this as a good way to offset the risks of nature and accidents. Starting early with insurance is ideal as your baby dog has – as a new pup – has no pre-existing conditions that could otherwise compromise coverage. Dachshund Australia uses Petplan Insurance, however we encourage owners to do their own research to find the fund that suits them.
  2. In the unlikely event a puppy becomes unwell, please contact Fi by text on 0409402177 as soon as possible. In an emergency, go to your nearest vet first and contact Fi from there.
  3. Dachshund Australia has a lifelong commitment to every dog they breed or sell. Dachshund Australia will take back any pup or dog at any time, and for those wishing to sell a dog they will – at no charge – advertise the dog on the website and link the owner directly to buyers to find a home that the relinquishing owner is happy with.
  4. We are specialist pet dog breeders and as such we do not sell breeding dogs.
  5. Payment is either by direct deposit or cash if a person to person handover. Direct deposit must be executed four days or more prior to handover to ensure the funds clear. All purchases receive a full tax invoice receipt as Dachshund Australia, ABN 63603388558. We require clear funds before we ship or handover a puppy or dog.
  6. As Victorian Government registered breeders, DAB 35 WSC, we comply with the Dog Breeding Code of Practice which includes consumer guarantees.
  7. Dachshund Australia takes all care to breed healthy pet dogs, however no one can control all aspects of nature. Just as with humans, conditions can arise in dogs that the best science can neither detect nor predict. Here is a link to the internationally recognized listing of congenital and genetic defects known to occur in the various dog breeds, with the miniature dachshund among them  (GUIDE TO CONGENITAL AND HERITABLE DISORDERS IN DOGS, Published by The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association). Note one condition occurring in dwarf dogs of any breed that is not heritable is Pes varus. Please read this article when deciding if a dwarf breed dog is for you: Twisted leg - causes & prevention.
  8. Terms and conditions can be updated without notice.